General Car Care

Auto protectant - 295 ml/118 ml

Clean away dirt. Dust and debris. 

For Interior and exterior application including tires.

Restore luster, leaving deep glossy shine. 

Leaves no oily residues. more

Dashboard leather wax - 450 ml/220 ml

Enhance and maintain the original gloss of the paint. Suitable for all kind of vehicles instruments , desks, leather , Bumpers, plastics, and furniture. more

Engine Degreaser

- cleans engine of your vehicle more


Removes molds and bacteria. more

Perfumed Dashboard Polish

1) This product is inflammable

2) Donot store in temperature above 40 degree celsius.

3) Keep away from fire when using.

4) Do not puncture the can.

5) Keep it away more

Brake Parts Cleaner

It can be applied without disassembly of brakes. It is a unique formula to improve brake action for a smoother performance. more

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