Aluminium and Glass Industry

Aluminum & Glass Industry Sealants: 


    AMI 150 General Purpose Silicone Sealant

    Bonding in shower cabinets during production.Sealing around bathroom fixturesWaterproofing sinkFilling joints between bathtubs and tiles.Filling joints between tiles, tubs and shower cabin during instillation. 

    Dolphin Neutraseal 510 GP silicone Sealant

    Metal roofing systems, Flashing down pipes, Skylights and extraction units, Pipe or sprinkler system penetrations, Air conditioning, Sheet - metal, General purpose sealing and adhering, building materials, steel, Aluminum, concrete, brick and masonry.

    Dolphin 50 BOPP Packaging Tape

    General purpose packing .Splicing and sealing .Mounting .Bundling and holding laminations.

Dolphin RTV High Temperature Sealant Tubes

Formed in place gasket, Electrical Insulation, Sealing, Cooking and heating equipment. Transmission covers, Oil Plan, Timing Case, Engine Side cover, Sealant for solar modules, marine freight containers Water pump mounting.

Dolphin Floor Adhesive

• Multi-Purpose Floor & PVC Vinyl Adhesive. • DOLPHIN FLOOR ADHESIVE is recommended for bonding of PVC sheet, Vinyl coverings and tiles, EPDM sheet, Polystyrene board, PU foam and similar material with concrete, metals and wooden substrates. • DOLPHIN FLOOR ADHESIVE is also suitable to most of porous and nonporous surfaces. • Recommended for both horizontal and inclined Structure. • DOLPHIN FLOOR ADHESIVE is suitable also for use with under floor heating installations. However the heating should be switched off at least 48 hours before and after the installation of floor coverings.

Dolphin Radiator Coolant

DOLPHIN Radiator Coolant is the premium blend of glycols, rust Inhibitors and other performance enhancers for achieving optimum engine temperatures and extending the service life. It is specially formulated to replenish and re-condition old coolant with its anti-freeze nature.

Histick 27 Duct Tape

HVAC application .Sealing ventilation ducting .Moisture Proofing. Water proof packing.Heavy duty packing .Bundling, Patching, Sealing, Wrapping.

Dolphin 80 Masking Tape

General purpose packing. Bundling, Labeling, Paint masking. For paint masking at medium temperature.

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