Aluminium and Glass Industry

Aluminum & Glass Industry Sealants: 


    Dolphin Bituminous Waterproofing

    - Suitable for waterproofing and protection for wet areas, kitchens and substructures. - Vapor barrier coating for walls and floor. - Waterproofing system for shaded or tiled roofs - Waterproofing for polyurethane foam slab. - Waterproofing for polyester built up roofs. - Maintenance of existing roofs, masonry and concrete walls

    Fix & Seal Crystal Clear Sealant

    - Connecting transparent joints in construction and building applications. - Common indoor and outdoor sealing and bonding applications. - Indoor application for invisible bonding of glass and other transparent materials. - Wide variety of substrates including wood, metals, PVC, plastics, stone and concrete - Insulation applications.

    Dolphin Windscreen Washer Fluid

    - Intensively cleans.- Removes dust, dirt and grease from windshield.- Ecofriendly and long lasting effect.- Antistatic properties to keep surface dust free.DOLPHIN Windscreen Washer Fluid can be used in all type of glass, windows, mirrors, windshields, lights

Super Paint

It can be used widely in interior and exterior surfaces like in ?nishing and mending of metal, wood, glass, leather, ceramics and plastics.

Dolphin PVC Electrical Insulation Tape

Electrical Wire harnessing•Electrical insulation

Dolphin Radiator Coolant

DOLPHIN Radiator Coolant is the premium blend of glycols, rust Inhibitors and other performance enhancers for achieving optimum engine temperatures and extending the service life. It is specially formulated to replenish and re-condition old coolant with its anti-freeze nature.

Dolphin Car Shampoo

Balanced car shampoo with perfect content for strong and enhanced shine. This technology keeps your polish protection and is biodegradable, nontoxic, environment friendly and with no aggressive cleaners. It is fine enough to be used on newly painted or waxed paints. It is suitable for everyday hand wash, as well as pressure washer cleaning. It is pH neutral.

Dolphin Duct Canvas Coating 30-36 Anti-Fungal

- Protective indoor lag coating - Finish for insulation materials in combination with reinforcing fabric (e.g. canvas cloth on air conditioning ducts) and cold water piping. - Allows the application on Polystyrene or Polyurethane foam - Application to the joint or edges of fibrous duct liner insulation to seal and prevent air erosion.

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