Aluminium and Glass Industry

We produce exclusive and specialized products for Aluminium and Glass Industry. Our sealants are low voc emitting and environmental friendly. Aluminium & Glass Industry sealants have excellent adhesive property and provide a barrier against moisture and air penetration.


Aluminum & Glass Industry Sealants: 




Aluminum & Glass Industry Tapes: 




    Dolphin 70 PE Protection Tape

    Aluminum panel/ profile. Construction area. Plastic windows & door. Glossy surface.

    Dolphin Warning Tape

    It is wrapped and affixed as a visual warning sign and demarcation, for instance against entering a dangerous area.   It is often carries corresponding warnings prominently in writing. 

    Alkoxy Structural Glazing 630 sealant

    •High modulus produces a tough, flexible rubber cure for a tenacious, watertight seal.  •No mixing required for immediate application with conventional caulking equipment.  •Ease of use – all-temperature gunnability and easy tooling.  •Dolphin 630 SG silicone sealant meets the currently accepted engineering standards for structural glazing.  •The thixotropic nature of this product ensures that it will not slump in typical construction joints.  •Maintains elastomeric structural joints sealant properties permanently, even under harsh conditions.

Fix & Seal Crystal Clear Sealant

Connecting transparent joints in construction and building applications, Common indoor and outdoor sealing and bonding applications, Indoor application for invisible bonding of glass and other transparent materials, Wide variety of substrates including wood, metals, PVC, plastics, stone and concrete Insulation applications.  


Formed in place gasket, Electrical Insulation, Sealing, Cooking and heating equipment. Transmission covers, Oil Plan, Timing Case, Engine Side cover, Sealant for solar modules, marine freight containers Water pump mounting.

Dolphin Carb & Choke cleaner

This product adopts imported materials and the latest formula from USA. It can remove dirt, gum and varnish deposits from moving and sealing surfaces of engine carburetors, heat valves and automatic chokes. Can be used on running engines. Contains no lead, phosphorous, silicone or alcohol. Will not harm oxygen sensors, catalytic converters or fuel injection systems.

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