Aluminium and Glass Industry

Aluminum & Glass Industry Sealants: 



    It can be used widely in interior and exterior surfaces like in ?nishing and mending of metal, wood, glass, leather, ceramics and plastics. 

    Dolphin Silicone Dashboard Polish (Perfumed)

    Polish, creates a smooth, shiny finish and enhance all colors of automotive interiors. Applicable on vinyl, upholstery, luggage, handbags, shoes, and plastic surfaces. Silicon polish maintains the original gloss of the paints surfaces. Formulated with various fragrances for the wonderful ambient inside of your car.

    Dolphin Duct Canvas Coating 30-36

    - Protective indoor lag coating- Finish for insulation materials in combination with reinforcing fabric (e.g. canvas cloth on air conditioning ducts) and cold water piping.- Allows the application on Polystyrene or Polyurethane foam- Application to the joint or edges of fibrous duct liner insulation to seal and prevent air erosion.

Dolphin 120 High Temp 300°C Silicone Sealant

- Use in industrial ovens - HVAC - High temperature general sealing and waterproofing - Automotive applications - Water and oil pumps seals - Wire and cable insulation - Furnace and humidifier - Gasket - Engine components - Telecommunications including coaxial cable connectors.

Alkoxy 620 Weather Sealant

- Suitable for external weather sealing. - Used in some metals for construction without danger of corrosion from the sealant. - Ideal for expansion, connection, perimeter and other movement joints. - External walling and cladding joints. - Curtain walling and sealing around window and door frames.

Dolphin Hi-Temp Masking Tapes

- General purpose packing- Bundling, Labeling, Paint masking- For paint masking at medium temperature

Dolphin Contact Adhesive

- Multipurpose adhesive that bonds instantly on contact - Bond most types of materials, and will even fix non-porous surfaces together e.g. metal to metal, making it ideal for a wide range of DIY tasks and household repairs. - Ideal for bonding: wood, MDF, laminate, metal, PVC, leather, rubber, glass, mirror, stone, and ceramics

Dolphin AM-40 (De-rust lubricating spray) - 480 ml

- clean, lubricate and protect all kinds of machines and remove humidity and prevent rusting- long term rust protection to all metals- It also displaces the moisture to reinstate the equipments such as spark plugs, engines and power tools.- Protect tools and machinery over a long period of downtime.-Preserve engine, piston and components from atmospheric rusting.- Insoluble in water. 

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