Aluminium and Glass Industry

Aluminum & Glass Industry Sealants: 


    Dolphin Radiator Coolant

    DOLPHIN Radiator Coolant is the premium blend of glycols, rust Inhibitors and other performance enhancers for achieving optimum engine temperatures and extending the service life. It is specially formulated to replenish and re-condition old coolant with its anti-freeze nature.

    Dolphin UPVC adhesive

    - Easy to apply - Single-component application - It is safe for drinking water after complete curing - Excellent bond strength - Fast-curing adhesive - Meets the requirements of International Standards such as BS and ASTM.

    Dolphin Brake Parts Cleaner

    Premium quality, powerful heavy duty cleaner, specially formulated to quickly and effectively remove grease, grime, brake dust, brake fluids, oils, and other contaminants from brake and clutch parts. Contains combination of chemicals used to break those elements down and wash them away.“Dolphin” Brake Parts Cleaner has two specialized formulas:Fast Drying:- Excellent penetration and adhesion for quick drying- Rapid evaporation of solvent- Resistant to water wash off- Protection against corrosion and aggressive environmentsSlow Drying:- Outstanding lubrication and protection under extreme conditions- Resistant to water wash off- Protection against corrosion and aggressive environments- Reduces frictional properties, helping to maximize power transfer and reduce wear

Dolphin 125 Universal Silicone Sealant

- Sealing construction joints in concrete structures.- Sealing masonry joints, balcony, window and door perimeter joints.- Façade and metal cladding joints.- Aluminum angle joints.- Pinhole repairs and shower screen.

Dolphin Duct Acrylic Sealant

- Sealing around pipe joints. - Sealing duct work.- Sealing duct seams. - HVAC

Super 2800 Spray Paint

It can be used widely in interior and exterior surfaces like in ?nishing and mending of metal,wood, glass, leather, ceramics and plastics.

Dolphin VB-95 Vapor Barrier Canvas Coating

- Protective indoor lag coating- Ideal for use over Internal and External HVAC duct, ASJ, FRK, and FSK jackets and board facing to give a vapour barrier seal at joints, laps, and weld pin punctures.- It is used for sealing and fitting, piping, vessel ducts and equipment operating between 0°C and ambient temperatures.- It is used on mineral wool, glass fiber and polyurethane foam.- Applied easily by brush, roll and airless spray

Dolphin AMI-80 Masking Tape

- General purpose packing - Bundling, Labeling, Paint masking - For paint masking at medium temperature

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