Aluminium and Glass Industry

Aluminum & Glass Industry Sealants: 


    Dolphin 500 Mirror Silicone Sealant

    - Confined work areas that require less odor - Excellent primer-less adhesion to numerous porous and non-porous substrates - Mirror wall applications - Bonding mirrors to concrete, wood, doors or ceramic wall tiles - Good adhesion to glass, stainless steel and many plastics - Vinyl, aluminum and metal siding - Perimeter sealing to wood, metal, PVC and coated frames

    Dolphin VB-95 Vapor Barrier Canvas Coating

    - Protective indoor lag coating- Ideal for use over Internal and External HVAC duct, ASJ, FRK, and FSK jackets and board facing to give a vapour barrier seal at joints, laps, and weld pin punctures.- It is used for sealing and fitting, piping, vessel ducts and equipment operating between 0°C and ambient temperatures.- It is used on mineral wool, glass fiber and polyurethane foam.- Applied easily by brush, roll and airless spray


    Formed in place gasket, Electrical Insulation, Sealing, Cooking and heating equipment. Transmission covers, Oil Plan, Timing Case, Engine Side cover, Sealant for solar modules, marine freight containers Water pump mounting.


Mounting of window and door frames Sealing of all types of cracks and holes Insulation of water-pipe network, central heating Soundproofing of partition walls, car and boat cabins etc. 

Dolphin AMI-300 Aluminum Foil Tape

General purpose holding, patching, sealing,  Reflect heat & light away fromsensitive area, Coupling and sealing pipe joints in ventilation, air condition andrefrigeration systems. 

Dolphin Contact Adhesive

- Multipurpose adhesive that bonds instantly on contact - Bond most types of materials, and will even fix non-porous surfaces together e.g. metal to metal, making it ideal for a wide range of DIY tasks and household repairs. - Ideal for bonding: wood, MDF, laminate, metal, PVC, leather, rubber, glass, mirror, stone, and ceramics

Dolphin Neutraseal 500 Silicone Sealant

- OEM applications (depending on substrates) - RV construction - Confined work areas that require less odor - General sealing and waterproofing - General construction - Vinyl, aluminum and metal siding - Metal building and portable housing applications - Glazing - Good adhesion to glass, wood, ceramic, stainless steel and many plastics

Dolphin CPVC Adhesive

- Easy to apply - Single-component application - It is safe for drinking water after complete curing - Excellent bond strength - Fast-curing adhesive - Meets the requirements of International Standards such as BS and ASTM.

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