Aluminium and Glass Industry

Aluminum & Glass Industry Sealants: 


    Dolphin Carb & Choke cleaner

    Carburetor and Choke Cleaner is heavy-duty, non-chlorinated aerosol designed to remove dirt and fuel-related gum, varnish and carbon deposits commonly found on carburetors and TBI units.The cleaner easily dissolves and disperses any deposits and helps to restore proper functioning of carburetors and TBI units.Clean and efficient carburetor maintenanceEnhances fuel efficiency and reduces smokeConfirms to healthy working practicesEffortless cleaning

    Dolphin 140 Sanitary Silicone Sealant

    - Used to seal around bathtubs, showers, stall, wall fixtures, sinks, and other bathroom fixtures including countertops, soap fixtures, air dyers and drains. - Used for grouting and bedding some ceramic tiles. - Used for interior and exterior applications where areas are prone to mold and mildew formation.

    Dolphin AM-40 Anti Rust Lubricating Spray

    - Protect tools and machinery over a long period of downtime.- Preserve engine, piston and components from atmospheric rusting.- It does not require cleaning before using equipment.

Dolphin RTV High Temperature Sealant Tubes

Formed in place gasket, Electrical Insulation, Sealing, Cooking and heating equipment. Transmission covers, Oil Plan, Timing Case, Engine Side cover, Sealant for solar modules, marine freight containers Water pump mounting.

Dolphin 45 Micron BOPP Tape

- Splicing and sealing - Mounting - General purpose packaging - Bundling & holding lamination

Dolphin AM-40 (De-rust lubricating spray) - 480 ml

- clean, lubricate and protect all kinds of machines and remove humidity and prevent rusting- long term rust protection to all metals- It also displaces the moisture to reinstate the equipments such as spark plugs, engines and power tools.- Protect tools and machinery over a long period of downtime.-Preserve engine, piston and components from atmospheric rusting.- Insoluble in water. 

Dolphin Bituminous Waterproofing

- Suitable for waterproofing and protection for wet areas, kitchens and substructures. - Vapor barrier coating for walls and floor. - Waterproofing system for shaded or tiled roofs - Waterproofing for polyurethane foam slab. - Waterproofing for polyester built up roofs. - Maintenance of existing roofs, masonry and concrete walls

Dolphin WS-530 Neutral Silicone Sealant

- Suitable for curtain walling. - Durable adhesion to range of porous and non-porous surfaces. - Excellent adhesion to wide range of applications. - Sealing dynamically moving joints such as expansion and control joints, concrete panel joints, tilt-up joints, curtain wall joints. - Perimeter caulking (windows, doors panels and frames etc.)

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