Chairman’s Message

The unprecedented prosperity of the United Arab Emirates in the late 1990s compelled industry giants from all around the world to flock towards it. During the golden age of industrialization and infrastructure development of the country, Al Muqarram Group emerged as a leading manufacturer of construction insulation products based in the United Arab Emirates.

The foundation of Al Muqarram Insulation Industry LLC Sharjah division in the year 1999, allowed us to bring forth premium quality insulation products such as Sealants, Adhesives, and Waterproofing Coat of all kind.

Whether it is the foresight to develop products that have disrupted the market, or the dedication to strive for the better, the core strength of Al Muqarram Group comes from our people. We are privileged to be able to employ the strength of more than 250 team members, promoting diversity through different nationalities, which reflects the vision of the nation. It is our core belief that it is the people that we do business with, which is why we have actively invested in serving customers with diligence and ensuring that the products we offer are of unmatched quality.

Mr. Sabir Ali Badami

Chairman, Al Muqarram Group